"welcome to my tumblr that's not a tumblr."
Documenting daily inspiration.
dream on
I discover inspiration every day, be it through sights in my own home or song lyrics and artwork. In the fall of 2019, I realized I wanted to keep track of what I found visually and conceptually appealing.
What I Made:  On September 25, 2019, I started @okuleesta, an Instagram account serving as my visual diary (okulista meaning "eye doctor" in Polish). Unlike other feeds, @okuleesta does not follow a specific theme; it's simply a random collection of things I find cool (that inevitably have a cohesive style at times).
Fun fact: I can’t lie. Like Marta Cabrera in Knives Out (will the knife references ever end?), dishonesty disagrees with me. That’s how I say what needs to be said. That's what I bring to my work-- unobscured, meaningful communication.

I was born in NYC, raised by Polish immigrant parents. My superpowers include an inability to smell (undeniable lifesaver in this city) and the energy to dance all night long (practice from countless Polish parties). I am a lover of beauty, so much that I document my findings in this visual diary. Reach out to chat in a hybrid bookshop/dance club/cafe sometime. :)  ​​​​​​​
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